Deadline Docker Container


Hey Thinkbox folks,

Any plans for building this on your end, possibly even for D8?



Hey Joe!

Indeed, containers are the greatest thing since sliced bread. We don’t have any immediate plans to post official Thinkbox container images on DockerHub, but this may eventually happen. However, if you or others are interested, I could post an example Dockerfile and some instructions to our GitHub repository.


+1 for docker support



Is this sample available somewhere ? Can’t find it on your github :slight_smile:


I can also lend a hand as I’ve been playing with Docker lately on my time off. Here are the relevant goods: … iderations (for port exports) … stallation (silent install for clients) … stallation (silent install for repo)

I’ll poke James and we’ll do a little discussing.


Hey All,

We’ll get some examples posted next week.


I’ve put up some basic examples of building containers for Deadline on GitHub. … Ops/Docker


Is there any official docker container for Deadline 10 ?


This is a snippet of the dockerfile i created, , based on the examples to run deadeline10 on a centos7.
hopefully it can give you some hits as to what you may need to change, im not using the latest deadline10 version:

FROM centos:7

# 1. Use your own e-mail for the maintainer.

# Perform a general update of the OS.
RUN yum -y upgrade

# Add requirements for Deadline 8 headless Slave.
RUN yum -y install redhat-lsb \
 && yum -y install bzip2  \
 && yum -y install cifs-utils

RUN mkdir /tmp/thinkboxsetup/
COPY /tmp/thinkboxsetup/
#COPY DeadlineClient-8.* /tmp/thinkboxsetup/

# copy network share data.
RUN mkdir /mnt/deadline10
RUN echo "/the_server/mount_point /mnt/deadline10 cifs    credentials=some cool things here" >> /etc/fstab

# setup ulimit, super hi:
RUN ulimit -n 64000

# Copy over the installer.
# 2. Be sure the installer .run file has been placed in the same folder as the Dockerfile.
RUN mkdir /tmp/thinkboxsetup/
COPY /tmp/thinkboxsetup/

# Run the installer.
# 3. Replace the name of the license server after --licenseserver below with that of your actual license server.
RUN chmod +x /tmp/thinkboxsetup/
RUN /tmp/thinkboxsetup/ \
    --mode unattended \
    --unattendedmodeui minimal \ 
    --repositorydir /mnt/deadline10 \ 
    --licenseserver @lic-thinkbox \ 
    --noguimode true \ 
    --restartstalled true 

WORKDIR /opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/bin/
# ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/bin/"] # this guy wraps the launcher command, with some additional network mounts, and statistics gathering setup. 

I ended out going a little further with my internal docker file, to include a shell script to launch the launcher.
I added a little more info, as i choose to point the repo to a network mount, so so i have included the example to update your fstab, to set that network path. Not the docker way, but it works :wink:

hope this helps point you in the right direction.