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Houdini 20 Patch files

This won’t add support for new features, but will at least get Deadline to run the new executable.

There is an an in-depth explanation of this process in our knowledge base that uses a fictious version of Maya as an example if you want more detail on this process.

Copy the “DeadlineRepository10” in the attached archive over your existing DeadlineRepository10 directory. This will install the Houdini patch files into the /custom directory. If there are issues you can remove the added files to roll back to the existing scripts.

Scripts taken from Deadline Client Version:

The integrated submitter installer may not work - if it fails, refer to the manual installation steps.

If you have any trouble let us know! (27.5 KB)


I keep getting this error…

Unable to locate ‘’, please ensure your Deadline ROP installation is correct.

I’ve followed the manual installation instructions. The error didn’t change from the initial install to the manual install, the same error was present through the process.

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I am getting a similar error. This was me just copying the files to where you mentioned.
'The script could not be found in the Houdini installation. Please make sure that the Deadline Client has been installed on this machine. ’

I am a bit lost on the Manual Installation process. Is there a new Deadline installer we can just run for H20?

I think you need to copy the python39libs to a python310libs folder to get this working, should work to duplicate and rename the folder.

I’ve tested H20 on windows, linux, osx intel and m2 and it works ok. I’m having issues with PDG path translation but I think this is something different

There are no python39 files in this install. There’s a custom plugin and a custom submission folder. I tried removing everything and running a Houdini/Redshift render which worked the day prior and I just get black rendered frames. Nuke renders fine on the farm, this is just a Houdini issue at this point. If I run the render locally on the machines without deadline, things are fine. When I run with deadline I get black frames. The log seems to show everything is working correctly. So I’m a bit stumped. If it helps we’re using Houdini 19.5.605 py3.9. The 20 build is 20.0.506.

I think Anthony is referring to the python3.9 libs folder noted here (taken from the link to the manual install docs):

Third, copy <Repository>\submission\Houdini\Client\ to %HOME%\Houdini{version}\python3.9libs on Windows, $HOME/Houdini[VERSION]/python3.9libs on Linux, and $HOME/Library/Preferences/houdini/[VERSION]/python3.9libs on OSX.

As a side note, Windows doesn’t really have a %HOME%, so I think in this case it is referring to %HOME% that Houdini sets (e.g. HOME=C:/Users/deadline/Documents)

Just copy that python3.9libs folder to python3.10libs. if there isn’t a python3.9libs folder already there, then just create a python3.10libs folder and copy to it.


I do have the added to that folder and still get the same issue.

You have a python3.10libs folder (you wrote 3.9) with and you still get the issue?

That seems to have solved the issue. Has to be in a 3.10 folder. I kept the 3.9 folder there and it ignored it. I cloned the 3.9 folder and just renamed it to 3.10. That you for that tidbit of advice, super appreciated.

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