Houdini / Redshift: extra tokens detected in expression


I’m trying to send a basic redshift scene to deadline directly from Houdini but, because I have a expression on the render output prefix path of Redshift ROP and some external AOVs, deadline returns the following error:

FailRenderException : Error: Unable to evaluate expression (Syntax error - extra tokens detected in expression (/out/deadline_test_RENDER/RS_outputFileNamePrefix)).
at Deadline.Plugins.DeadlinePlugin.FailRender(String message) (Python.Runtime.PythonException)
File "C:\\Users\\Agata\\AppData\\Local\\Thinkbox\\Deadline10\\slave\\Agata\\plugins\\5f5fee494c0a21670c5db0ad\\Houdini.py", line 423, in HandleStdoutError

The expression is a very simple one, I’m referencing the output folder on a null node, if I render directly with Houdini it works, this is the expression:


You can download the example scene here:

RS Ref Path_v01.zip (60.0 KB)

I’m not the most experienced user of Deadline or Houdini so let me know if I’m doing something wrong please or if you need some additional information. Thanks and cheers!

I’m using:
Houdini 18.0.566.
Redshift 3.0.28.
Windows 10.

I have the exact same issue and I can’t find a damn solution…
18.5.532 / 3.0.45

you need to use “” instead of " when you summon a token in the ROP


Interesting, I’m going to test it. Thanks!

but be careful that you reference is not …/…/ away, it produces an error for me, meaning it writes the file minus the reference in the path. I moved my relative reference holder ( a NULL) within OUT context and not the OBJ context.

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