Interoperability with C4D Release 20


I’m just getting R20 off the ground and I am curious if Krakatoa will work with it. Anyone with R20 have it working?


Most plugins (except Phyton) will not work in R20 and need adaptations. But yes, I would be glad to see a R20-version as well.


Yeah, it won’t work just yet. Progress is being made over here though! I can’t give you dates but we’re aware of it and are collecting the number of folks who need it, so feel free to chime in here.


We need it too. Desperately…


Feel free to “me too” this thread and I’ll keep track over here. It’ll be good to gauge impact, so let us know some detail like if it’s a blocker and how is it blocking and that’ll help inform the team.


+1 for R20 compatibility


Is it blocking your workflow, and how so? Is there a feature you need from R20 that you can’t get from previous versions?


R20 implemented a new volume mesh workflow that would be awesome to be supported by Krakatoa, as well as probably the fields, which could influence krakatoa coloring etc.
In general R20 needs the plugin to be rebuild/recompiled.


Yes, it would be great if it supported the volume builder/mesher.



I’ll hope that we will see R20 version soon.

thanks and all the best.


Any news or progress on this? I would need it for a project starting soon.


I’ve bumped internally. We do not currently have R20 support.


Yes please - urgently need this as well…


Hi guys. Insydium l.t.d. (makers of X-particle) made a free tool to integrate any plugin from previous versions of C4D. As I know, after you paste those 2 patch files into Krakatoa plugin folder, you can use it in R20, but only in preview mode. Because as soon as you try use Krakatoa render, it complettely shut down whole C4D. :confused: Finally, maybe this knowing can help developers to upgrade for ‘no-panic’ release of this plugin. :slight_smile:


Any news on this topic? Krakatoa is still advertised to work with Cinema4D on the homepage, but is there a new plugin for R20+ in the making?