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Kraoatoa for 3dsMax 2024

Pretty please.

Also, please provide an instruction to how to build.



Thanks for reaching out. I created a feature request for our internal engineering team on adding support for max 2024 in Krakatoa. I cannot share an ETA on when the support will be added.

If the there are no plugin compatibility issues then follow instruction might work on adding unofficial support.

You should be able to manually add the paths to the plugins by editing the plugin.ini files. If you already have 3dsMax 2024, you can copy from its plugin.ini file. If not, you can add yourself. Do not forget to set the Permissions of the plugin.ini file to allow writing.

By default, the paths would be something like this:


Krakatoa=C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Krakatoa MX\3dsMax2024\

If you don’t have a folder in your installation paths, you will have to download and install the latest builds of Krakatoa, Frost, Stoke etc. before you can do that.

+1 Max 2024 support please

Plugins need to be recompiled for 3dsMax 2024.

Any news for a 2024 version update?

good question, but i think we have to send request via contact form for more impact

Any news on this? Kinda need it!

Max 2025 will be out soon! :sweat_smile:

it out, better to ask for 2026 right now…

Excuse me @zainali has there been any update? Would you please check on my post in regards to this issue aswell, in March of 2024. It is incredibly frustrating to not have any answers.

We are waiting on the developer efforts on this one and we can’t share roadmap information as per the policy. Look forward to Deadline release notes for future bug fixtures and feature releases: Release History — Deadline documentation

Small teaser … still some distance to go but things are looking good
( BTW i’m in no way affiliated with AWS Thinkbox or something)

I just started to port the whole 3ds max thinkbox stuff from the github repos to current 3ds Max versions ( 3ds Max 2017 to 3ds MAx 2025+ to be accurate)

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