Maya 2019 support


Just wondering if there is maya 2019 support ETA?


Same. Just came here to search for this topic again. Deadline is the only thing holding up our migration here.




I’ll let the folks here know. You’re both logged internally. So is @mlager8 for this post:


Hi there, wondering if there’s any news on this?
thanks very much


Just got merged in yesterday. Will ship with SP24. No release date on that one just yet, but you can sign up to be notified.


Thanks for the update, Edwin! :+1:


signed up… hope that update will be live soon. redshift added support for 2019, now only waiting for deadline as well :slight_smile:


Hello! I appear to be in the same boat. I’ve upgraded to 2019, and just today was using it with the latest Redshift build and decided to submit a job. I didn’t think twice because the Deadline shelf was there (came over from my previous settings?) and then when I fired up Deadline Monitor, I notice the job was suspending and failing onto the next frames. I assume i’ll need to re-install Deadline once it supports 2019?