Nuke 11.2 crashing when opening the submitter in 10.0.18 or earlier


Due to a change in Nuke 11.2, trying to submit in a modified set of Nuke plugin files that would normally allow support for apps we haven’t added in yet will instead make Nuke crash. The zip file attached here contains the files needed to fix this, and a README file that explains what needs to go where. (44.3 KB)

Beginner's Help using Deadline and Nuke

THANK YOU! :open_mouth:

I was just about to post about this, we are in delivery trying to work around this. Phew!


Yeah, it’s hit a few people now. :slight_smile:

The Foundry have been informed but the workaround should be good for the time being.


Heads up for folks: Deadline 10.0.19 was released with a fix for this one, so feel free to upgrade when you can find the time.



Thank you for posting this information. We are currently using Deadline v10.0.22.3 and Nuke 11.2v3. This is still a problem for us. I have reinstalled the Integrated Nuke Submission Script considering there was a fix in Deadline v10.0.19. I even applied the patch that was provided in the original post, as well. However, we are still experiencing intermittent crashes when submitting jobs to Deadline. Is this still a known problem? Is there anything else I can try to resolve these crashes? Thank you for looking into this. Have a great one.