The New Ticket System in 2020

Greetings everyone!

We’re happy to announce to our Thinkbox customers that we have launched out new ticketing system as of today. There are a few workflow changes which may change your interactions with our support team:

  1. now automatically suggests relevant articles while you type your question. We hope this gives early direction and answers while you wait for us to dive into your problem.
  2. The support ticket system does not yet enable customer logins which means that once support is requested in the web interface, further support will be via email. We are working on providing further web based capabilities which you can expect to hear more about in future updates.
  3. In an attempt to combat spam messages we are automatically closing tickets initially cut via e-mail. If you’re in a pinch, please do send an e-mail, and if you provide a follow up the system will cut a second ticket for you that will remain open. We encourage you to use the landing page as any e-mail conversations started from the web interface are not affected. Update: As some users are not receiving the close notice, we are changing the rule here. It does help us significantly if you cut via the web portal.
  4. Any active/open email threads you have with will continue working until April 17, 2020. After this point only support interactions initiated in the new system will continue to work and we will work with you to transition ongoing discussions on an as needed basis.
  5. If you filter your incoming messages, you’ll want to add to your rule set.

Please reach out if you experience any issues; this is the start of improved support tooling that better allows for us to get you the help you need to keep creating amazing work!