Ticket system changed?

Hi. I’m wondering if there’s been a change to ticketing system. Following links in my emails would land be on a Page-not-found page instead plus my addition reply last week didn’t seem to get any answer.

Yep! The New Ticket System in 2020!

Our old system OSTicket has a little flag that tells us where the ticket was made, so we let everyone who had an active ticket that was made through the web interface know that a swap was happening. But if the ticket was made by email, we didn’t let you know as that’ll keep working till mid-April (assuming no surprises). Seems a couple of folks created a ticket by email, then started using the web interface, which we hadn’t really accounted for.

So you can either reply via email, or start up a new ticket at http://support.thinkboxsoftware.com/. We don’t have a nice way to import a ticket’s history but we’re keeping the OSTicket system around for a bit to refer back to.

Hopefully we can keep this transition as smooth as possible!

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Replies will work if they go to supportticket@support.thinkboxsoftware.com until April 17. If you still don’t have a response, we’ll dig into it.

Thank you for clarification!