Tile Assembly Job - extension settings?

I know this may not exactly be a Deadline specific question, but I don’t think its a draft question either…

So right now we submit Vray standalone jobs with an attached tile assembly job. The output is not specified in Deadline, but rather in Sketchup/vray before we export the vrscene file. By default our studio uses 16bit EXR’s with ZIPS compression. All of this is to say that there is no file format configurations done via Deadline, its all embedded into the vrscene file.

The process works well enough, although typically one of the render channel files in each render job will not open in Photoshop (its gives a corrupt file error). The file can be opened in GIMP and then resaved out, and it works, but Photoshop just doesn’t like it. The “fixed” file from GIMP is larger so I’m guessing its a compression issue that Photoshop doesn’t like, but I’m not 100% on that yet.

The issue is that we can adjust compression settings in vray/skp, however, these don’t seem to translate to anything happening in the assembly process. In other threads (exr settings?) it has been indicated that the assembly job uses 32bit depth and ZIPS. I poked around for a bit, but I can’t find a way in any of the various scripts and files to change this default behavior. Is it possible to change at all? Has anyone had this issue in the past?

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Funny you post this, we are just experimenting with the tile assembler with houdini and mantra and we just finished our first render (for marketing) and with all the channels embedded its massive xD

So yes, definately would like to know how we can set compression options for this!

Did you set a “Background Image File” in the “Tile Rendering” settings?

The Draft Tile Assembler should preserve your EXR compression settings, however, it will use the compression settings from the “Background Image File” if you specify one. If you do not specify a “Background Image File”, then it will use the compression settings from the last tile image instead.

Yes, previously, the Draft Tile Assembler always wrote 32-bit ZIPS EXR files, but we changed this behavior in Deadline 7.1.

In a Draft script, you can control the EXR compression settings using the ImageInfo.compression field.

For more information, please see our documentation on the ImageInfo class, and our “Set Saving Settings in an Image File” cookbook recipe.

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So, to save @delineator the response here: He’s using the V-Ray submitter from the Monitor If I recall correctly and I don’t remember if the Draft Tile Assembler even has the ability to composite over a background image. I’m not at a machine to check at the moment.