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UBL purchases are missing from the server

We have seen an issue with some customer’s UBL purchases not mapped properly to their server account. You will see that the gauge percentage doesn’t match the consumed /mapped ratio if the purchase is not mapped to the cloud license server. In the render log, you would see the below error message from the UBL usage:

not enough credits for <deadline-ubl-product>
License Forwarder registration failed

We have raised an issue with our service provider and working with them to fix it. For now, we need to manually add the purchased UBL entitlements to the server. You can follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  • Login to Customer Portal

  • Open the License Server under Customer Portal > Devices > Search Servers > Client on License Server ID

  • Click Map Add-Ons at the top.

  • Select the missing product from here and add the quantity equal to available and Map Add-Ons.

You must reach out to us by creating a ticket here at our help desk to track this issue.

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