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Ubuntu Install - error changing permissions

When trying to install the Client on Ubuntu I get:

Error changing permissions to 0777 in /opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/lib/python3/lib/lib

If I do:

chmod 777 /opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/lib/python3/lib/lib

I get:

chmod: cannot operate on dangling symlink ‘/opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/lib/python3/lib/lib’

Is there a work around ? I’m doing this in unattended mode.

i see this lots, I don’t think it causes any problems

Seconding that, it’s not something that blocks install or the functionality of the installed applications. We’re aware of the issue though I can’t say where it is in the roadmap.

The issue, is that when I set the mode to unattended it just aborts, in text mode you can select ‘ignore’. Is there a way to get unattended mode to ignore errors ?

My current workaround is creating an empty file using ‘touch’ that the symlink points to, hopefully it doesn’t break anything.

I didn’t consider silent installs! I think that work-around should be fine. If there’s issues I’d expect them to emerge quickly during operation, so if nothings gone wrong yet you may be in good shape.

@Justin_B I think I have stumble upon some bread crumb that might point to the issue.

That ‘lib’ is a symlink to a location that does not exists, I suspect the installation code is creating the symlink and may have miscalculated the level of sub directories involved.

Thanks! Which version of Deadline is this, and did you have issues during an upgrade? In Deadline 10.3 we added a check to the installer so it’ll respect and re-use existing symlinks and not end up with a /opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/lib/python3/lib/lib dead-end symlink.

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