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Unexpected exception (Monitored managed process "3dsmaxProcess" has exited or been terminated

I am using
MAX 2024 2024.1 update
Corona 10 hotfix 1

I have been using custom submission scripts since max 2016 and 2019 is our current production version with deadline and corona. Everything works correctly with 2019 with no issues and has for several years.

We would like to switch to 2024 but not until it can be verified that it works with my scripts.

I submitted a simple cube to deadline with 2019 and everything works correctly. With 2024 I do get an error. It seems it will not save the image I am trying to render. The cube has an unwrap on it. If I doownload the max file and rendering script and run them locally, everything is good but not when the worker picks up the submission, there is an error. I do not see anything obvious in the logs. attached is my max log and deadline log (9.9 KB)
Deadline (166 Bytes)

The file in Deadline is empty, so I can’t say what might be going wrong.

All we know from Unexpected exception (Monitored managed process "3dsmaxProcess" has exited or been terminated is that Max has quit and we didn’t tell it to. Usually that’s a crash, but not always.

Re-upload that Deadline log and we’ll get this figured out.

@Justin_B sorry about that. What I’m trying to determine is if it’s a max problem or a corona problem.
Deadline (10.9 KB)

No worries!

There’s no clues I can find in this render log, no warnings, exceptions or other typical signs of trouble.

I want to say it’s a Corona issue, just because the crash happens as Corona triggers cleanup (line 505):

2023/11/21 16:56:29 INF: [20184] [24200] CORONA : Pass 59/60
2023/11/21 16:56:29 INF: [20184] [24200] CORONA : Denoising
2023/11/21 16:56:29 INF: [20184] [24200] CORONA : Cleaning up
2023/11/21 16:56:29 ERR: [20184] [24200] An unexpected exception has occurred in the network renderer and it is terminating.

That last line is from 3dsMax, and what’s causing the crash out.

If you re-submit this scene to go through 3dscmd how does it behave? Maybe running in our batch mode is obscuring an error message that would help explain what’s going on.

@Justin_B we spoke about using the 3dscmd command quite a while ago in another thread. I believe you said that it won’t work because it’s using a script to call the render command.

I’ll have to take your word on that one, I don’t recall that and I’m not finding the thread.

Anyways, if pulling the render out to a command-line equivalent isn’t possible then there isn’t much more I can recommend as it doesn’t appear to be Deadline causing the problem.

@Justin_B 3dscmd is submitting through the submission interface in MAX?

Depends - if the interface is like accessed via DeadlineSubmit Max To Deadline (3dsCmd) then yes.

Otherwise that’s a 3dsmax job which doesn’t run 3dsmax directly from the command line.

@Justin_B I’ll have to install the 3dscmd version then. I’ll see if I can submit

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@Justin_B I din’t see anywhere on the UI to submit with a script

Could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘submit with a script’? I assume you don’t mean a pre or post render script?

And when you mention running the render locally is that via the Max UI or your script?


When I say I run it locally, I use the Aux files to download the max file and script

I load the max file and run my script. It renders without issue. It does not with Worker on deadline

Gotcha - and the 3dscmd submitter only has support for pre and post render maxscript scripts instead of running the render as a maxscript job so you’re correct that that’s a dead-end.

Assuming the ‘max log’ file is from your running that scene and script I compared the output between that and Deadline. I should have done this earlier!

The issue is that Corona is kicking out the following:

2023/11/21 16:56:29 ERR: [20184] [24200] An unexpected exception has occurred in the network renderer and it is terminating.

We assume that anything that outputs that line is a failed render so we fail the task, but in your testing it carries on.

That’s why your render fails on the Worker - our error handling is stepping in. If you can get Corona to stop crashing while its cleaning up Deadline will start behaving. Or you could run these jobs through the generic CommandLine plugin (Submit->Miscellaneous->CommandLine) which won’t have error handlers catching on these messages.

@Justin_B OK I will look into that. I want everything verified here before I go to Corona.

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Im back to looking into this issue.

What do you mean by " CommandLine plugin (Submit->Miscellaneous->CommandLine)"?

Does Deadline 10.3 support Corona 10 hotfix 2?

@Justin_B I posted over on the Corona forums

@Justin_B I installed Corona 11 and I have a service ticket with Corona.

Does Deadline support Corona 10 and Corona 11?

Not explicitly. But if it works in 3dsMax it should work. The reason being that Deadline is just telling Max to render, so we should be inheriting functionality from there.

@Justin_B Well it looks like its in Corona hands. They set me up with a service ticket and they may contact deadline.

One other thing I tried. I sent a file from MAX 2024 to deadline with workstation = true and it works but uses up a max license. Not good for us.

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