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Unreal Engine Movie Render Queue

Hey, Just a quick question. Are you currently working on implementing the new movie render queue by Unreal? This would be awesome!

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It’s been a long time requested feature, add your voice to this thread and cross fingers for the next release, there isn’t any roadmap announced

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+1 for UE render queue

Any update on this? Can’t find anything in Docs, so assuming it hasn’t been implemented yet? Thanks

I’m currently working on an implementation for in house use. The deadline part of it is pretty straightforward and easy enough theres just a lot you need to add to UE to be able to get the features you’d expect from a deadline integration as there’s essentially not even a basic command line interface for the movie render pipeline let alone a fully implemented remote rendering feature from within unreal.

I’d expect something like this is to be out of scope for thinkbox to actually impement themselves.

Hey Kevin,
I was wondering if you figured it out how to implement this. If you did figure it out I would be more than happy to pay for your help in setting this up.

I have kind of, we’re using it on production already but there’s very little in terms of error checking and input sanitization implemented so it needs to be used cautiously.

I’ll refine it a bit and then see if I can get some outside folks to beta test within the next couple of weeks to see if a full release is feasible.

If you’re interested i’ll hit you up to join the beta as soon as i know the date.


Hi :
I am also very interested in this ,Can I join you to test the beta Version?

My Email is:

I am also interested in this, Can I be part of this test?
My Email is:

Hi Kevin,

I know it’s a bit later down the line, but I was wondering how you’re getting on with the plugin for MRQ integration?


+1 for UE render queue

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