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Worker not shutting down (Pulse)

I have a worker that’s not shutting down, despite Pulse (on another worker) saying the command was issued. The Worker which is running Pulse shuts down OK. I read over these two articles: Power Management — Deadline documentation (

Pulse — Deadline documentation (

Pulse output:

Results from last Idle Shutdown check:

Using default idle override settings for group "single"

Checking for Workers in group "single" that have been idle for at least 1 minutes

At least 0 Worker(s) should be left running

Idle Worker LEPTON (LEPTON) in group "single" has been idle for 98 minutes and is a candidate to run the shutdown command

Running command on idle Worker LEPTON (LEPTON) because it has been idle for longer than 1 minutes

Skipping idle shutdown group "all" because it is disabled

Did you find a solution to this? Having the same prolem.

unfortunately I did not

Hello @Tom_01 and @powerfuse0

If you are still facing the issue with Idle shutdown. I need more information to look into this:

  • Are you running Launcher as a service on the machine in question? If you are, it is not supported and you will need to write the logon and log off scripts to work it around, follow here.
  • If you are not running Launcher as a service on the machine which does not shut down, enable verbose logging for both Pulse and Worker. To enable verbose logging of Deadline application configure it from Deadline Monitor> Tools> Configure Repo Options> Application Data (left pane)> check option for Pulse and Worker verbose logging (bottom right pane)> restart the Worker/Pulse
  • Reproduce the issue and share the logs
  • Are confirm if remote commands are enable from Deadline Monitor> Tools> Configure Repo Options> Client setup> Remote Control> are the remote commands enabled and do you have an allow list enabled? if yes then is the machine in question in the allow list?
    more info is here
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