Worker not shutting down (Pulse)

I have a worker that’s not shutting down, despite Pulse (on another worker) saying the command was issued. The Worker which is running Pulse shuts down OK. I read over these two articles: Power Management — Deadline documentation (

Pulse — Deadline documentation (

Pulse output:

Results from last Idle Shutdown check:

Using default idle override settings for group "single"

Checking for Workers in group "single" that have been idle for at least 1 minutes

At least 0 Worker(s) should be left running

Idle Worker LEPTON (LEPTON) in group "single" has been idle for 98 minutes and is a candidate to run the shutdown command

Running command on idle Worker LEPTON (LEPTON) because it has been idle for longer than 1 minutes

Skipping idle shutdown group "all" because it is disabled
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