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3ds Max 2023 Support

Hi All,

Will there be an updated lightning plugin for 3ds Max 2023 in the upcoming 10.1.21 release?

Preferably without the updated logo :wink:



+1 (but i’m ok with the new logo)

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+1, we want to try moving up as quick as we can for some of the file-saving optimisation which are really good.

What will happen about python 3.7/3.9? VFX Platform CY22 is python 3.9, will Deadline ship with options to run 2.7/3.7 and 3.9?

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+1 for 2023 support

We’d love to start using the latest version of max but unless we can network render then we literally can’t upgrade.

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Same Here…
But it’s better to double forum message, with contact form request on website, …it look like the forum now is mostly user helping other user…

my advice dont update to latest app, at this moment, for 3ds 22 to work in deadline they must compile some libs for 3ds 22, so stay with the one u already have

you could have both install, so my advice is to install both…now it is to thinkbox to come back to a more serious stage, of releasing public version of support…
We wait more than 2 year to have max 2021 support on all other pluggins (and it was not a SDK breaking release), this is not serious from them…
3dsMAX 2023 SDK is frozen since DECEMBER 2021 => no excuse here for waiting on costumer part, that’s why for all other DCC pluggins we already got the update for 2023, day or week #1 (not #2 or #2, but week #1)
With today release cycle of 3dsMAX and other app and since SDK is frozen months before release, we should have support quicker than this, we pay for last version of 3dsMAX and previous version is allow, not the inverse…why should we have to wait to use latest feature of product we pay for?
not everyone is a big studio…

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+1 for 2023 support!
would be nice to have the integration soon! I would love to be able to use the new 3dsMax features in my daily workflow.

yep i hope this wont take years again to implement. i also remember old times when we waited super long for the 2021 support. please release a new version ASAP. i just uninstalled every old version and switched to 2023 cause i thought this could be no issue anymore.

and by the way silence from the development site is the most awkward thing here, please just give us a hint when to expect a new release or at least some hotfix.

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Always double forum post with support contact form…
Yeah, it not cool to let the forum in silence from them, but at least they answer support contact form ( and look like it’s what it make them to bump up request internally)…
Maya 2023 is coming on next deadline release, with a bit of hope, we could expect 3dsMAX too (but we don’t know)

Thanks for that hint i also raised a support request now. hopefully this reaches out to them.

Please add my vote, too.

+1 for 2023 support please!

Hi all!

3dsmax 2023 support will be included in the next release of Deadline (10.1.22). However, you can manually add 3dsmax 2023 support to your installation of Deadline with the contents of the attached zip file. It contains the required files to run 3dsmax 2023 as well as a README with instructions on how to use these files.

NOTE: This is not an official release.

Let me know if you run into any issues.
Thanks, Qail (8.1 MB)


Thank you so much, will check out immediatly. and thanks for listening. i feel so much better now :wink:

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Thank you very much! Works for me!

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Thank you very much!
I feel much better too :slight_smile:


hotfix is working for me thanks a lot.

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