3dsmax 2020 support

Should MaxStartup be in \maxStartup and not also copied to plugins\3dsmax? It looks like that’s the previous location for those files.

maxStartup lives in the root of the Repo. The contents used to be in the plugin itself but we made some file copying changes so that only a subset of the DLX files would be copied over (don’t copy Max 2019 files when you’re only rendering with 2020).

I’ll have to see if I can manually tweak that expiry time somehow.

Update: I’ve given up with the other file upload operation and forced it via the forums.

Is there an ETA on the DBR working for Max 2020?

Just in case you missed it:


Application Plugin Improvements

3ds Max

  • Added 3ds Max 2020 support for the V-Ray and Corona distributed rendering workflows.
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Hi, Just installed for 3dsmax 2020 support, and get the attached error.

Any ideas, cant use it currently.

Edit - I restarted and tested with a scene with only a sphere, and it worked (didnt save the file) But opening a test scene has the same error.


It appears that there is an object in the scene using a $scene_path token that we are not handling correctly. I suspect it is a Phoenix FD object.

I will look into adding an error trap for that.

In the mean time you should be able to replace the symbolic path with an actual UNC or mapped path, as these $symbolic names are not supported in Deadline (the output would go to a location relative to where the MAX file is, and you would lose your simulation data, or won’t be able to load it if it was simulated locally).

Thanks Bobo, yes indeed that is the case. I’ll test now with the sim location set correctly, but that should do it!

Edit - its works! Thx again. Might I suggest a sanity check for PhoenixFD and whether the input/output folders are set?

That is a good idea!

First I have to add an error trap in that function so it does not fail on invalid paths like that.
Then we can also add a Sanity Check to warn the user about non-specific paths in Phoenix objects…

Some more info:

I looked at the SMTD code, and it turns out I was trying to handle that case when collecting paths from Phoenix, however it was written for Phoenix 2, where the token was $scene_dir. In Phoenix 3 it seems to have changed to $scene_path, and it obviously broke that handling. Also, I was trying to expand the $scene_dir of Phoenix 2 to the actual sub-folder under the MAX scene path, but the sub-folder name was hard-coded to “_Phoenix2_frames”, which of course does not work for v3. I will have to add extra code to handle the Phoenix version number and specific paths, or try to make it more general so it would work in any future versions.

I started by fixing the pattern matching to use “$(scene_*)” so it would work with both “dir” and “path”. Now I have to query the Phoenix version and modify the folder name accordingly…

Sounds promising. Hard to keep up with all the plugins making subtle changes between versions!

tks for your share, c’mon up yeah yeah

Does 3ds Max 2020 support windows 7?

I use a XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro Display Drawing tablet both at home & work for 3DS Max. the tablet is great for painting and sculpting .

Hi Wangye

probably a better question for 3dsMax forum, this is more for AWS Thinkbox Deadline

3ds Max 2020 will run on Windows 7 (although you probably should look at Win 10 nowadays)