3dsmax 2020 support


Should MaxStartup be in \maxStartup and not also copied to plugins\3dsmax? It looks like that’s the previous location for those files.


maxStartup lives in the root of the Repo. The contents used to be in the plugin itself but we made some file copying changes so that only a subset of the DLX files would be copied over (don’t copy Max 2019 files when you’re only rendering with 2020).

I’ll have to see if I can manually tweak that expiry time somehow.

Update: I’ve given up with the other file upload operation and forced it via the forums.


Is there an ETA on the DBR working for Max 2020?


Just in case you missed it:


Application Plugin Improvements

3ds Max

  • Added 3ds Max 2020 support for the V-Ray and Corona distributed rendering workflows.