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Deadline for 3dsMAX 2025

I will the one again, and ask it day #1, in hope we will have it soon…

Please, Deadline for max 2025, it is a no go without Deadline and farm support…

Edit : those supporting the request, please also send a request ticket…


Always Backup Configuration Files / All files you edit it:

To set up and configure rendering for 3D Studio Max 2025 with Deadline, you need to manually install the submission script and modify Deadline’s configuration to support the new version. Here’s a step-by-step guide based on your description:

  1. Install the Submission Script Manually

Before adjusting the configuration for 3D Studio Max 2025, ensure that the submission script is installed in 3D Studio Max. This script is what allows you to submit jobs from 3D Studio Max to Deadline. The process might involve copying specific files into your 3D Studio Max scripts directory. Check Deadline’s documentation or the installer directory for these scripts.

  1. Modify the Deadline Configuration for 3D Studio Max Support

You will be editing files in the Deadline repository to add support for 3D Studio Max 2025. These modifications tell Deadline how to handle jobs from this specific version of 3D Studio Max.

To add support for 3D Studio Max 2025
Editing the 3dsmax.param File

Locate the 3dsmax.param file in your Deadline Repository. The path is typically ../<DeadlineRepository>/plugins/3dsmax/3dsmax.param.
Open this file in a text editor with administrative privileges (this is necessary to save changes in system folders).

** In the same directory as the 3dsmax.param **
** add lines **

Category=3ds Max Render Executables
Label=3ds Max 2025 Executable
Description=The path to the 3dsmaxio.exe or 3dsmax.exe used for rendering on each Worker, use a ; to separate multiple paths.
Default=C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2025\3dsmaxio.exe;C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2025\3dsmax.exe

After making these changes, save the files and ensure that the Deadline Repository and client services are aware of these updates. This might involve restarting Deadline services or clients to reload the configuration changes.

I hope this helps

--------- Notes -----------

Backup Configuration Files: Always back up configuration files before making changes. This ensures you can restore the original settings if something goes wrong.
Documentation and Support: Refer to Deadline’s official documentation for the most accurate and detailed instructions, especially since file paths, names, and procedures may vary between versions.

This guide assumes a general familiarity with file editing and navigation in Windows. If you encounter any specific errors or need more detailed instructions, it might be helpful to consult the documentation.

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Nope, this will not work for 3dsMAX , but only for 3dsMAXcmd, for 3dsMAX 2025 to work with deadline we need the \maxStartup\2025\lightning64Max2025.dlx recompile for max 2025.
Without this one, you could edit all the file you want this will not work…


Oh yes sorry I forgot that Max still requires this.

adding my little vote to get this as soon as possible like every year :slight_smile:
good luck with the recompile.

Thanks for raising this, we have an engineering feature request issue on this internally. The engineering integration team would be handling this request internally.

Unfortunately, we could not provide an ETA on this and we cannot share a roadmap information. Look forward to Deadline release notes for future bug fixtures and feature releases. Release History — Deadline documentation


Yes, please please please!

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