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Create Public Code Repo for Users to Contribute


There are countless of posts where users create tickets / posts, often with fixes for the publicly available code (plugins/submitter).

Can you please create a public repo on GitHub, GitLab or wherever else where we can put in tickets with issues and create Pull Requests for all of these? You have an amazing community fixing a lot of the easy bugs and feature updates. It would allow users to get access to fixes sooner and help contribute their own fixes for things they have to fix anyway.

Thank you for the consideration :slight_smile:


great post, there’s also one about Redshift progress reporting which I don’t think ever got added.

Is it possible to fork from here and request changes from admin?

Thanks for this post, I have fixed a few bugs and features, and feel sad that there is no way to persist these changes for others. There are at least tens of user contributions here on the forum, which would make the software much better.
If I were Thinkbox, I think I’d host my own code forge.

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