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Houdini 19.5 / Karma / Husk Support
Seems like the default builds are 3.9, but there’s the option for 3.7 too (Py2 has been dropped)

I’ve found modifying the .param file to add a 19.5 entry and also copying the python3.7libs folder and(or) renaming it to python3.9libs allows me to send a simple houdini scene with Mantra or Karma render node over Deadline.

Modifying the Mantra .param file also allows 19.5 mantra ifd rendering over Deadline (still missing 19.0 here!)

Seeing quite a few different places using PDG/husk to render but having to grab the plugin from SideFX

There’s a few people writing submission tools too


Thanks for posting this! Works on my end as well.

Thank you so much for sharing
exactly what i needed

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