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Possible inclusion of my Redshift/Houdini task progress custom plugin to the base install


Since deadline doesn’t support Redshift/Houdini task progress out of the box. I created a custom Houdini plugin based off the default one included with Deadline. I originally posted it to the official Redshift forums and I’ve been updating it over the last few years to have new features requested from users as well as keep it updated for newer Deadline versions.

I was wondering if there was someone to talk to about getting this included in the base Deadline install. I think at this point there isn’t much more to do to it further and I think the community at large who don’t visit the forums could benefit from it.

The thread on the forums is linked here:


Thank you for the effort!
We will take a look at the changes and see if we can incorporate them in a future release build.

If you need to discuss details, please feel free to DM me here or email me at bobo AT amazon DOT com. However, I will be away until Tuesday May 25th.

That’s great!

I appreciate you guys taking the time to check it out.


Has there been any updates on this?

I realized that the forum section is customer only, so where I posted it might not be accessible, so here is a google drive link to the files.


This would be great to finally have this feature implemented in the releases.

I’ve updated the scripts to v6 to support Deadline


Amazing. Thank you.

Thinkbox’s devs? It’s a really incredibly useful feature. Any luck to add this to the official plugin finally?!?


Any progress on this?

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still nothing?!? It’s a short copy paste away :wink:

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this would be great and long-time-coming honestly …bump bump?


I’d be happy to talk to anyone on the team about this. Houdini/Redshift seems to be one of the only combos that isn’t supported fully out of the box. I’ve done all the work and added some realy cool utility features that are super useful for your users.

I’d love to discuss and talk with anyone about it. It’s just some simple modifications to the houdini submitter. I don’t always have the time to make sure it works with every release that gets put out, so having this included would be very helpful to everyone :slight_smile:


Please Thinkbox, hear @smbell !

Hello? Bump! Bump! Bump!

this thread is almost reaching it’s first birthday and still no inclusion of smbell code in the main plugins. Out of curiousity? WHY?!!?

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The scripts have been updated up to v7 for the newest Deadline

One thing I noticed is that the logs are being parsed in real time now, so the progress will update much quicker than before. Not sure what they changed, but it’s much better now! :slightly_smiling_face:


@smbell Does this means we can have fine grain progress at the single frame level?

From what I can tell, yes. It updates much faster.


We’ve been using @smbell progress fix (thank you for doing this!) for a while now, and it does work.

including a screenshot so you can see what it looks like (houdini + redshift):


It’s been over a year…


monthly thread bump.

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