Redshift USD Rendering GPU affinity support

Posted this over on the Redshift forums and it appears that Deadline doesn’t currently support GPU affinity when doing a USD Render. Redshift as this attribute redshift:global:RS_gpuX_enable that Deadline never seems to configure. In my case I’m writing the USD out of Houdini 18.5, but it’s likely an issue with all DCC’s.

Everything works as expected when rendering with a traditional Redshift ROP, so this seems specific to USD. Can we request this feature?

Is there a more appropriate forum to get some feedback on this? Is anyone doing USD renders successfully with Redshift and Deadline? It is possible to force a render to a specific GPU number and run jobs in separate groups, but really Deadline should be managing this.

There was another (multiple) thread on the GPU syntax issues with Redshift and/or Houdini (along with all the other houdini submission issues!)

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a complete new version of Deadline being released rather than a patch of the current one.

Make sure you’ve sent a ticket to support, and reference that in the forum post, you’re not alone with this issue

Was that thread specific to USD Render? Affinity is working as expected with the same build of Houdini and Redshift using a regular Redshift ROP.

I’ll get a ticket submitted, thanks for the rec.

Here’s at least three threads specific to Houdini USD Solaris LOPS husk support

AWS Thinkbox won’t reveal any roadmap or plans for Deadline so you don’t really know what is planned, there are other render managers that render USD but I’ve not tested them yet

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