Release notes for ALL updates

Is there any possibility of including the release notes for the smaller point releases and what they have changed? was recently released then followed up a few days later with

Without any notes on what was changed I don’t know whether it’s worth updating again or whether it’s irrelevant??

It’s not the first time this has gone through like this.

Your concern is totally understandable!

In this case, fixes an issue where the Worker scheduling thread would fail in positive UTC time zones. So no new features, just a fix this time.

I’ll get this in front of some more eyes to see what we can do to be clearer in the future.

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There is an update release page. The link to Release Mail Signup in the page does not send us to the sign up page however.

The notes for didn’t exist until this thread showed us that we really aught to write hotfix patch notes.

And there’s an issue to fix that link, it should take you here instead

You’ve updated the page with but don’t include what the changes were made from

I know at least 3 places with who won’t know whether it’s worth the hassle to update or if it’ll screw up the weekend rendering?

I don’t get the update mail out to any of my sign-up addresses

Please add release disclaimer if you’re pulling the latest release (multiple times!) isn’t downloadable anymore like the previous version. I’ve got many clients having various issues with various versions of 10.1.14.x. I saved a copy of the release notes just in case this happened again, and it did!

Is it possible to install repo over 10.1.14.x?

I noticed they pulled 10.1.14.x again too. What’s going on with these 10.1.14.x builds? I saw pulled and replaced with which I thought would have whatever was wrong fixed.

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10.1.14 was the first release with python3 and python2 compatibility, I think this is the big issue (although there were a heap of other updates also)

I always thought we wouldn’t see python3 till a big update (10.2 / 11)

This was from the release notes…

Deadline is currently undergoing the process of migrating from Python 2 to Python 3, and this release includes an experimental feature to dynamically switch between these versions. Python 2 remains the default, but if you make use of custom scripts or workflows within Deadline, see our Python 3 Upgrade Guide for more information.

General Improvements

  • Deadline can now execute plugins and scripts in either Python 2 or Python 3. Python 2 remains the default, but plugins and scripts can be customized to use Python 3 instead.
  • Upgraded .NET Core to version 3.1.111.

Command Improvements

  • Improved the help formatting for several commands.

Since the Amazon acquisition there is never any update info / roadmap etc and the email update notifications have stopped.

The latest installer shows on the installer and on the about section in the app.

Is it possible to get the confirmation on which version it is and will there ever be release notes for the smaller minor release notes



deadlineworker_so6Y3n3ZoX release notes removed the release notes section
image on download page still
image released,

also has been updated from with no notes, which was also labelled released, still listed but download is still

Is it possible to get new known issues added to the release notes? such as Rhino & V-Ray no longer being supported? released, my notification worked!!

Also appreciate the known release issues page

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