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Run license-free Draft on older versions of Deadline (10.1.22 and older)

As of Deadline, Draft no longer requires a license, but the floating license portal on AWS does not add Draft licenses to the license files.

You are encouraged to upgrade to the latest versions of the products to leverage the latest features. However, if you prefer to stay with an existing version, you can follow the below steps to patch Deadline to run Draft free.

You would need to replace the existing files with the ones from a and later Repository. Here’s how:

Make a backup of the old draft and put it elsewhere in case we need to roll back this change:


Download the free version of Draft from this link

Unzip the download to the DeadlineRepository10 directory. Make sure that the new files appear here:


In case of any questions or concerns on this, feel free to reach out to Thinkbox Support or post here.



We’re having the same issues described, can you please update the link to enable further downloads? I think we just missed the expiration.


Hi @peter_gmas,

I have just updated the link above in the post, can you try downloading it now and follow the steps to install Draft free files.

Thank you @karpreet, the download and files worked perfectly!

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Even after updating the draft folders in our repo, we are still getting varied frame rate outputs. Our AE comps are quite large but we are saving H264 down to 1/4res which works, but we still get frame rates between 15fps and 25fps.

I had tried the custom script set to 24000kbitrate but had the same issue until I set the kbitrate to 450000.

Any ideas why we might still be seeing issues?

The framerate fix wasn’t in the package we put up on Friday - but it’s in the package I just uploaded a moment ago. Grab the files again and restart the Worker to force it to pull a fresh cache and you should be good.

Hi Justin,

I just downloaded and swapped the draft folders, restarted the workers on each system and ran a draft. Same issue.

I’ll continue to test on our end to see if it was a potential fluke.


I have a uploaded the Draft free package again to the forum thread above, as found that the files for Draft we broken and loading the python3.7 dependencies. Now it should be fine.

If you run into any issues with it, feel free to reach out to Thinkbox Support

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@karpreet so this version of Draft work as expected BUT quality of encoding in H264 is horrible compare to previous draft builds :confused:

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@karpreet @Justin_B ^^^ We’re having the same issue. It’s debilitating. Going to contact support about it, but wanted to confirm @MarcoA 's claim. I did talk to support and the solution was to just modify the kbps, but it doesn’t matter how much I crank it up, it doesn’t get back to the quality that it was before (I did start with normal values, such as 8000 kbps, the recommended rate for 1080 HD).

Thank you in advance.

Can we move the discussion on this over to this thread? Mainly don’t want to derail issues with actually patching Draft:

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