Houdini 19 Support

Its that time again is and Houdini 19 is available. Can we get some code to paste in current version of Deadline to use now?


Yes please, Houdini 19 support would be great! :slight_smile:

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Is the Deadline HDA going to support Python 3? Houdini ships with Python 3 by default now.

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If you use the Houdini 19 Python 2.7 build it should work fine, just tested it on a filecache node.

I know, but everything is moving to Python 3, its now the default, they should support it. I have one annoying case where a 3rd party plugin only supports Python 3 now, and is not backwards compatible.

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The latest is Python3 compatible. I did a quick test and it seems to work fine inside Houdini 19.0.383 python3. Just need to put stuff in the right folders.

Hey Anthony, would you have time to let us know which stuff goest where? :slight_smile:

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Hey guys. Any news on this?

Yes, I would like to know this as well. Either when H19 will be officially supported or how to make current Deadline work with H19.

i did some quick modifications, so give it a try (this is for deadline

extract and replace in your deadline repository

big thanks for that Bazuka.

the houdini plugins goes into :

the script “HoudiniSubmission.py” into :


I’m still getting an error :

The CallDeadlineCommand.py script could not be found in the houdini installation, etc… When the same config worked fine with 18.5

oh i just saw what you have an issues with, extract this into your houdini19 dir in docs

p.s. this is houdini py3

pfff… it’s a mess. on ubuntu 20.04 can’t even get it’s path right. Upperacse H:

There has been an error.
No origin file found that matched /opt/Thinkbox/DeadlineRepository10/submission/houdini/Client/CallDeadlineCommand.py
The application will exit now.

from the : sudo ./Houdini-submitter-linux-x64-installer.run

can you check the json file for deadline for h18.5? i mean you could copy that json file into h19

so, I had to manually install the submitter, because the installer seems to be broken.



bazuka’s file went to…

the houdini plugins goes into :

the script “HoudiniSubmission.py” into :

It seems to work…

great glad you made it work ;), im on windows, i guess the locations were different, thats why i told you to use the json from 18.5 since you said its working there

Hi guys, wt link has expired, can i get the file too please?

Yes please, may I get these files as well?

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Hi Bazuka, Any chance you could upload your DeadlineRepository10.rar again? I/We would be extremely grateful.

Best Regards


I would also greatly appreciate it!

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