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OSX Catlina issues

I’m having issues launching Deadline on OSX 10.15.2 (Catalina)

Release notes how OSX Catalina supported

Could not read the connection.ini for the given repository path “/Volumes/DR10” because:

Access to the path ‘/Volumes/DR10/settings/connection.ini’ is denied. (System.UnauthorizedAccessException

If I launch in terminal directly it works ok,

but clicking the application fails to read the connection.ini, If I launcher ‘Launcher’ in terminal then run the application it also fails when launching through 'Launcher

User has full read write, and the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy settings allow the application ‘Full Disk Access’

log files show (same for monitor/launcher/worker)

2020-01-08 11:16:35:  DataController threw a configuration exception during initialization: Could not read the connection.ini for the given repository path "/Volumes/DR10" because:
2020-01-08 11:16:35:  Access to the path '/Volumes/DR10/settings/connection.ini' is denied. (System.UnauthorizedAccessException) (Deadline.Configuration.DeadlineConfigException)

OSX Console logs show

Sandbox: deadlinemonitor.(2130) System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Volumes/DR10/settings/connection.ini
Violation:       System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Volumes/DR10/settings/connection.ini 
Process:         deadlinemonitor. [2130]
Path:            /Applications/Thinkbox/Deadline10/Resources/deadlinemonitor.exe
Load Address:    0x10ee1a000
Identifier:      deadlinemonitor.exe
Version:         ??? (???)
Code Type:       x86_64 (Native)
Parent Process:  launchd [1]
Responsible:     /bin/sh [/Applications/Thinkbox/Deadline10/]

lock failed to lock maps file: errno = 35

Sandbox: deadlinemonitor.(2264) System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Users/mograph_9/Library/Autosave Information
Violation:       System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Users/mograph_9/Library/Autosave Information 
Process:         deadlinemonitor. [2264]
Path:            /Applications/Thinkbox/Deadline10/Resources/deadlinemonitor.exe

My first thought is that the user account that Deadline is running under doesn’t have access to that file. But your user account does have access, which explains why there aren’t any permission issues when you run the launcher manually.

From your description of the user having full disk access there shouldn’t be an issue - but could you double check the permissions on that volume to be sure whatever user account the launcher is starting as has access?

yup permissions are fine, I can change connection.ini in Finder

I can launch the app in terminal as standard user no problem

I believe it maybe due to the application calling another application.

I found out this was upgraded to Catalina, I tried using AppZapper and CCleaner to remove any leftover files after uninstalling Deadline, then re-installing rebooting but still same issue.

As a workaround the user opens terminal and runs DeadlineMonitor this way…

There used to be a great OSX app for cleaning up all the leftover bits from applications (rather than just moving the main app to the bin) can’t remember what it was (diskwarrior?)

Hey @anthonygelatka

This seems to be a common issue on OSX 10.15 Catalina when applications access external drives or network locations.
Here is another thread on this:

Likely OSX data protection feature requiring apps to request permission for access.

So the workaround here is to provide Deadline /bin/sh access, so add /bin/sh to the Full Disk Access list.


Thanks @kavi this seems to get the Monitor up and running

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Took me months of on/off searching to find this solution. Thank you!

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I used this solution again today, found that I couldn’t add the command /bin/sh to full disk access but I could drag and drop it into the full disk access list (big sur).

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